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Exterior Process

  1. A degreaser is applied to the greasy soiled areas of the engine compartment and allowed to saturate before being power washed. While wet conditioner is applied to the plastic and rubber surfaces. The engine compartment is left open while work is done on the wheel wells and wheels to allow for thorough drying.
  2. Wheel wells, tires, and wheels are power washed and hand scrubbed using the appropriate brushes and chemicals. Once these are completed, they are rinsed with the power washer. Conditioners or protectorates are applied just before the final wax is applied to the vehicles surface.
  3. Tar and bug remover are applied with a course sponge and road grime, tar, and bugs are removed.
  4. The engine compartment is closed and the vehicle is power washed. Then using a lamb's wool wash mitt and carwash solution, the vehicle is hand washed, clay bared, followed by another power rinse and chamois dry.
  5. A polishing compound will be used based on the condition of the exterior surface. The detailer will work in approximately 2-foot by 2-foot areas, applying the polishing compound and removing as required until the entire vehicle has been completed.
  6. Conditioner/protectorate is applied to all plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces on the body of the vehicle.
  7. Conditioner/protectorate is applied to the tires and wheel wells.
  8. Conditioner/protectorate is applied to all plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces in the engine compartment.
  9. Working in 4-foot by 4-foot areas a final wax is applied.
  10. Using an orbital buffing tool, the entire vehicle is buffed to a glossy shine.
  11. All leftover soiled areas are washed off the windows.
  12. The following are reviewed:
      • Make sure carpet is vacuumed and lint free
      • Make sure all wax is removed
      • Check for wax dust, open doors, trunk, and hood
      • Check emblems and crevices
      • Check to see that chrome has been polished
      • Check grills, mirrors, and front nose for bugs and grime
      • Look at rocker panels for tar
      • Check wheels for brake dust
      • Check whitewalls and lettered tires
      • Make sure that tires are dressed evenly
      • Check wheel wells
      • Check rear bumper, tail lights, and trunk key hole bezel
      • Check all bezels for wax removal and cleanliness
      • Check windows for smears, adhesive, and over spray
      • Look at mirrors for cleanliness
      • Check headlights and front signals for cleanliness
      • Check moldings, weather stripping, and bumper strips for dressing
      • Make sure that cloth tops are clean and lint free
      • Check wipers and cowl for buffing over spray


1980 VW Rabbit Pickup

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